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Audi turned the rally scene upside down when they entered the championship in 1981. Even though they were winning a lot of races their reliability cost their drivers the championship that year.

Sadly in 1986 Audi decided to withdraw from rallying. They did however keep making the original quattro (Ur-quattro) untill 1991 when a total of approximately 11,000 of these cars was made in eleven years.

I have a great collection of used Audi parts so please let me know what you need and chances are I will have it.

Here are my cars/projects :

1983 80 quattro 2-door

1984 Sport quattro project

1984 Canadian Ur-Quattro

1985 Euro Ur-Quattro

1993 Audi 90 quattro TDI story

1994 Audi S2 Avant

 Couple of my friends and I have started the

Canadian Quattro Owners Club.

If interested in joining please e-mail me or visit our Home Page for more details.

1983-86 WX Ur-quattro Introduction documents.

1983-86 WX Ur-quattro maintenance specifications.

1983-86 WX Ur-quattro Brake Servo Overhaul Procedure.

See Ralf Wiesner's UR-Quattro and not only page!

See Phil Payne's Excellent Ur-Quattro Pages, includes wiring diagrams!

Send me a message , I would like to hear YOUR comments and suggestions!

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